Stockfield Community Association

working with the residents of the Stockfield Estate to achieve a self supporting community, living in high quality houses in a pleasant and safe environment

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Stockfield Tenants:

Report your repairs on

0121 766 1115




Stockfield Tenants:

The transfer of Housing Management Services to Bromford has gone well and hopefully you have met your new Housing Officer/Neighbourhood Coach—Anil Gill. Please note that your repairs service remains unchanged and you should only report repairs using the telephone number above.

Leasehold Home Owners:

Ground Rent Increase

Under the terms of your lease your Ground Rent will increase from £75 to £150 per annum. Depending on the original lease date this increase will be applied between 2017 and 2020.



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  Your Housing Officer








Anil Gill

Neighbourhood Coach

07540 677807

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